Dota 2 - 5 Mechanics You May Not Know - Disjointing

Video by Phil Kidd / CC BY

Dota 2 - 5 Mechanics You May Not Know - Disjointing
This video will focus on 5 disjointing type mechanics that I thought would be helpful to all living out their everyday Dota lives. I even learned a couple of new things when researching this! Thanks to some very helpful feedback from reddit/dota2, here are some corrections to what I said: 1. Since Assassinate's true sight lasts for up to 4 seconds, you actualy can disjoint it with invisibility. For example a Bloodseeker who can outrun the bullet, running for 2 seconds after launch and then turning invis with any regular invis disjoints it, since the true sight debuff is gone by then. Some global teleports can achieve the same. 2. Hook: This also means that Meat Hook does not cancel channeling spells on spell immune enemies. Also the hook override any other blink/forced movement is a confirmed bug. On another note, Hook never disables hooked allies, so you can drag your channeling Enigma to safety without fearing to cancel his black hole. 3. Clarification on differences of echo dmg: the initial damage of Echo Slam is instant, so there is no way to avoid it, except by staying out of range. Only the small echoes use disjointable projectiles. You either simply stay at least 550 range away from allies who are hit by the initial damage (since only they release small echoes), or you disjoint already launched echoes with any disjointing spell. 4. Life Break has no time limit for the max distance. If you get 1400 range away at any time during his leap, it gets canceled. The 0.0125 second rule only exists in DotA1. Also, when he casts it from max range, you can cancel it with a well-timed blink, since its max cast range+max blink distance is higher than 1.4k. Also, AM with his blink and blink dagger can dodge it, too. 5. Borrowed Time is not a transformation spell. Also, wether or not a spell transforms you doesn't matter for disjointing. In Dota2, spells are simply set to disjoint projetiles. For example, Lycan's ulti does not disjoint and it clearly is a transformation spell, simply because it is not set to disjoint. Also, it does not matter at what point you use your disjointing spell, as long as you do it as the projectiles already fly. The transformation time of disjointing transformation spells have nothing to do with the disjointing. Want to tell me what you thought? Leave a comment below! **Music: Blazing Magnetic (Instrumental Version) - Martin Hall**
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