Top 15 entries of TI7 Short Film Contest

Top 15 entries of  TI7 Short Film Contest

Dota 2 Short film contest is a regular feature of The International.
There are only two rules:
1. Not more than 90-second video
2. Video is based on Dota2

A lot of good Dota 2 movies were made this summer. Then these videos are submitted to Steam Workshop. The Winner will be defined during The International 7 in August.

- Top 10 Dota 2 movies will receive $500
- Third place will earn $5,000
- Second place will grab $10,000
- Dota 2 short film contest winner will take home a massive $25,000.

The Masked WarriorWonderlast Films
What Does a Hero Truly FearMaxOfS2D, ChemicalAlia
Oh, The People You'll Meet!Erick Wright
From Hell to ParadiseGolden2Baxes
Abilitiy MadnessKeller Max
Dota Day CareM-Razed
Couriers Sale@w200me
The Will of the AncientsDotaFX
Support in ArmsDota2VO
To the Light4fun
Alternative TacticsAlakamame
Defenders of the Ancient TrailerWronchi Animation


Bonus: I Want To Stay In The Middle Lane  by SirActionSlacks

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